Sunday, January 05, 2014

Cars Theme Pillow Mattress for Jude

The first time I saw a pillow mattress on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make one.  Many of them are made by sewing four or five pillowcases together and supposedly taken minutes.  I really couldn't find any flannel pillowcases that would do for a two year old, plus I couldn't find just flannel pillowcases sold separately.  They were all sold as part of a sheet set.  So a trip to the Hancock Fabric shop it was.

I tried following several different tutorials and went through several trial and tribulations, but in the end it came together just like I envisioned.  I did include a fabric pocket on the open end to allow the pillow to be tucked in securely.  The pillows I purchased were quite fluffy, and even though I had made the pocket and it worked perfectly, I also added heavy duty snaps to keep the ends closed.  

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